VOTE YES for the $92.5M no-tax-increase school bond issue and say:

Yes to Teaching the Way Kids Really Learn

because students learn best in flexible spaces that accommodate different kinds of teaching throughout the day and all of our schools need instructional technology and wireless capability.

Yes to Neighborhood and Property Value Stability

because neighborhood vitality and property values are linked to the quality of nearby schools.

Yes to Career & Technical Education and a Strong Workforce

because Lawrence businesses need well-trained workers and new entrepreneurs, and competitive businesses choose cities where their kids and their employees’ kids can get a good education.

Yes to Safer, Healthier, & Sustainable Schools

because we have the opportunity to create net-zero ready schools and provide long overdue HVAC, electrical/lighting and plumbing upgrades, which are projected to save the district $280,000 annually in wasted utility costs. The bond also provides for needed building safety, comfort, and system improvements.